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Established in 1995, Everflora Limited is located in Juja area Kenya, 40km from Jommo Kenyatta international Airport and sits on an altitude of 1700meters. The flower export business rides on reputation, and we have led the drive in supplying high quality flowers to the Dutch auctions throughout our 25 year lifespan.

“Pure expression of Love” transcends the breadth and depth of our organization, and the end result is a consistent range of high quality flowers. We insist that every bouquet that our flowers feature in, must bloom, and create a lasting impression on the florist, and their customer.

We know what we do

What Makes Us

We have all our 36 hectares grown in HYDROPONIC, and nothing is grown in soil. This is an additional investment, but one that our founding fathers passionately believed in to provide high quality and strong productivity. It is when one enters our production greenhouse that an immediate difference can be felt – its just clean growing!

We have a flower quality that are of the highest standard, but also at a competitive price. Our altitude and hydroponic growing enable us to have higher production per square meter for the same varieties compared to other growers. So if it is high quality, consistent supply, and competitive pricing you are looking for, you have definitely come to the right place.

Many of our production managers, senior supervisors, and scouts have been with us for over 15 years. they have been continuously learning and improving the craft of producing high quality flowers. For our team, the love of growing and delivering high quality flowers has become second nature, giving us an intangible asset that allows us to continuously deliver on our customers.

To us, thinking through, and building 20 strong varieties for the standard and premium segments is more important than trying to desperately grow one hundred and not do well at any one in particular.  We think that a flower needs to stand out, and The only way to do this is to know our flowers in and out, so we focus!

We have made a substantial capital investment in solar energy, and will be replacing 25% of our total electricity consumption to this source by November 2020. This makes sense environmentally, but we also view this as helping us make a little bit more competitive in the long run.

We provide concrete housing to all our 800 employees and provide free electricity, water, and a playground.

In addition, we understand how sports can shape overall development, and do encourage our staff to take part in sporting events. We have a football team with a company sponsored kit, and play ground. The team arranges tournaments, and participates in various football tours.

Our staff grow some of their own food in designated areas at the farm, helping them to get a feel of homely comfort, and of course reduce their food bills! 

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